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Five of the best toilets to visit if you get a chance

There are many different bucket lists, it’s funny the things people feel the need to do before their time is up. Incredibly an increasingly popular bucket list is one comprising of the toilets to visit before you die. Like all these lists it comes down to personal tastes and preferences, but we thought we’d compile a list of our current top five toilets from around the world.

1. This toilet is a must visit, located on the 68th floor of The Shard, western Europe’s tallest skyscraper with an incredible view across London. Find out more about this tourist attraction in this article from the Daily Mail

2. Our second favourite toilet is the quirky One Way Glass Toilet that seems to be popping up in various city centres, including opposite the Tate Britain gallery in London, the question is, would you dare to use it? No-one can actually see into the cubicle but from the inside you can see everything, it is almost as if there are no walls!

3. Our next choice will appeal largely to women who notoriously have to queue for the loo when using public conveniences. The toilets at the Hollywood Bowl in California are designed to be user friendly and practical in coping with a large onslaught of visitors, with an 18,000 seat amphitheater this seems very wise.

4. Every woman wants to feel like a princess once in a while and what better place to live out that dream than at Disney World where dreams can come true. Visitors can stay at the world famous Cinderella’s Castle where even the bathroom is fit for royalty, this is at the top of the luxury bathrooms.

5. This funky bathroom can be found at the Ice Gallery in Seoul, it may not be the most user friendly toilet (thankfully it’s not open for public use) but it certainly is one of the most quirky designs and a true work of art. We don’t think you would be hanging around in here too long!


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