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Finding the perfect bath

The bath is usually the dominant feature in family bathrooms and with so much choice on the market how do you know which one is right for you? There are a few main factors to take into consideration when choosing a new bath to get the one that best suits your needs, the rest is down to personal choices.


The size of your bathroom will determine what shape bath you choose to accommodate the rest of your suite. It is important that your bathroom has sufficient space for comfort and to allow you to move around easily, this is especially the case for families with young children who will require assistance when bathing and using the bathroom.


The majority of baths come in at least two styles, the main distinction comprises left and right handed designs to suit user preferences or the available space in the room.

Other design choices would include single or double ended baths, the option of a double ended bath making it easier for two people to bath together. These typically have the taps located along one side of the bath rather than at the end so neither one has to put up with them digging in their back.

P and L shaped shower baths are other convenient designs for people who like to have alternate between having showers and baths, they incorporate more space for showering but don’t restrict your options. Showers are typically quicker and easier but baths tend to be much more indulgent, they help relax tense muscles and promote healthier skin and sleep.

Freestanding baths can come in a range of styles and surprisingly they are available in a range of smaller sizes too, just check that your floor is strong enough to support the weight first or you might end up with a bath in your living room! Single and double ended slipper baths are stunning designs and have the added benefit of additional head support making bathing more comfortable.


The best advice when it comes to saving money is to shop around, don’t rush in and buy the first bath you like, or only consider shopping in your usual outlet. The bathroom industry is rapidly expanding as new companies enter the market. Often they are offering more competitive prices in order to become established and get their name recognised in the industry. It is no longer the case that you have to pay premiums for higher quality, usually with inflated prices you are paying for the brand or associated reputation.


There are plenty of optional extras to accompany your chosen bath and complement the theme of your bathroom or to add a bit of luxury. Bath shower mixers are a simple way to add a shower to a standard bath making it easier for washing your hair. There are wall and deck mounted styles of bath shower mixers to fit most baths, available in both traditional and contemporary ranges.

Choosing a whirlpool bath is a great way to turn your bathroom into an indulgent spa. These may not be the cheapest baths on the market but think of the savings you could make in the long run and the convenience of having a spa in your own home. Go on spoil yourself!


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