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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom for Christmas

There are a lot of holiday traditions, but one of the most fun ones is decorating your house to celebrate the season. The decorations chosen inside reflect the festive mood of the holiday and create a fun, welcoming atmosphere for guests. When decorating, you want to make sure that all of your living areas, including the bathroom, are set for the holiday. The holidays usually means more guests and your bathroom will have more traffic than usual. Fortunately, getting your bathroom ready for the holidays is fairly easy.

Use lots of evergreens

Fresh evergreens not only provide a festive feel but they also provide a subtle holiday aroma. Be creative and look for places where garlands fit naturally. One of the most common places is around the mirror, but if you have a counter top basin, consider circling it with garland as well. If your bathroom has enough space, place a small tree on the ledge/windowsill. Fresh wreaths are a great addition, especially if space is at a premium.


Ornaments allow you to carry the holiday decorating theme into the bathroom. If your home has a more contemporary feel, fill glass bowls with modern looking ornaments; silver ones work especially well in bathrooms that are very contemporary. If your bathroom suite has lots of glass, marble and modern fixtures consider bright red ornaments, large glass containers work well for these as well. For a more rustic look, fill baskets or older looking bowls with pinecones, nuts or wooden toys. 

Candles and Lights

Holiday lighting should be soft and warm. Candles are a great holiday decoration and give you lots of options. Candles with holiday themes can be fun, but almost any type works and scented candles add to the holiday feel. For a more dramatic effect, fill a large bowl with floating tea lights and fresh floating flowers; poinsettia flowers work especially well. You can also use the season as a reason to treat yourself to a new illuminated mirror, which will provide a nice soft light for the bathroom. Flickering electric candles and strands of small lights are also perfect for Christmas bathroom decorating. Consider mixing the strands of lights with the garland or to outline mirrors. Just make sure they are well away from the water.

Snow Spray

Many have predicted that this Christmas will be a cold one and some spray snow brings the outside feel inside, plus it is fun to use. Apply a light dusting to the edges of mirrors and windows. You can also use spray snow to accent garlands and ornaments.