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Designer radiators from Radox

Many people don’t recognise the true merits of the British designer radiator and towel rail manufacturer Radox, as up until 2008 they were supplying their products to leading brands in the UK market rather than under their own name. Now one of the leading brands, Radox has an extensive product range full of innovative designs that few manufacturers will be able to match.

Truly unique designs such as the mirrored and glass radiators in Radox’s Quartz range are just some of the products that set it apart from its competitors. We admire their ingenuity and think you will too, with such a wide range and a variety of sizes there is sure to be one to suit every taste and to fit even the smallest bathrooms.

Radox not only have leading designs but they only use the highest quality raw materials, this is fully extended throughout the manufacturing process including the paint used on their towel rails which is only the finest quality. Radox leave no room for doubt and unlike most manufacturers their chrome and painted radiators come with an astonishing ten year guarantee and the stainless steel radiators have a lifetime guarantee. So what are you waiting for?


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