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Benefits Of A Long Soak In The Bath

While many opt to have a quick shower in the morning for speed and convenience, the health benefits of a relaxing bath are often underestimated. Putting the time aside for a long soak in the bath at least once or twice a week can be hugely beneficial to your overall well-being. Here’s why…

Taking a warm bath is an excellent way to de-stress, helping you to relax the mind and cope with anxiety. In fact, scientific studies show that having a soak once a day for two months is actually more beneficial as a stress-curer than prescription medication.

A bath causes all the main muscle groups in your body to relax, helping to lower blood pressure, reduce cramps, improve muscle elasticity and ease tension headaches. As a result of muscle and mind relaxation, it will be no surprise to hear that baths will help you sleep better. The rise and subsequent fall of your body temperature (once you are out of the bath) also plays a part in a better night’s sleep. This fall in body temperature releases melatonin, which regulates all your body’s rhythms, including sleep.

A hot bath will cause you to perspire, carrying away with it toxins, bacteria and viruses and – if you’re already suffering from an infection or virus like a cold – endorphins released due to relaxation will raise your pain threshold. As well as this, the steam will open up the airways to your lungs, helping to relieve sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis, and the increased blood flow means congestion will be reduced, as will inflammation in the respiratory system.

Perspiration will also clean your skin far more thoroughly than soap and water; it opens your pores, meaning grime, dead skin cells and other impurities will be washed away. For those of you wanting soft and supple skin, there’s nothing better than a bath. Warm water softens the skin, meaning just by using a pumice, loofah or natural sponge you will have exfoliated skin without the need for chemicals. Why not add some natural oils to your bath to help soothe both the skin and mind?

A relaxing bath can actually offer the same therapeutic benefits of a hydrotherapy spa, it’s just easier to get to – and far cheaper. Light some candles, put some calming background music on and take advantage of this sanctuary in your own home. What are you waiting for?