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What are the Benefits of a Heated Towel Rail?

A heated towel rail isn’t often seen as a necessity, but rather as a novel item used only to keep your towels a little warmer. However, they actually come with a long list of benefits, so you should certainly take the time to consider installing one.

More Hygienic

Despite the name, heated towel rails aren’t actually designed to make your towels nice and warm – that’s just a pleasant side-effect. In fact, their primary purpose is to keep your towels dry. This can be particularly difficult in cold or humid climates, and naturally tricky in bathrooms, but a dry towel is far more hygienic.

This is down to the fact that moisture encourages the growth of germs and mould, not just in the towels themselves, but across the entire room. A heated towel rail makes sure moisture isn’t as much of a problem.

Added Luxury

Few things feel worse than stepping into cold air after either waking yourself up with an invigorating shower or slipping into a deep, warm bath. After you install a heated towel rail, it’s a feeling you’ll never have to put up with again. Just wrap yourself in warmth as you quickly dry off.

Adding a heated towel rail just makes your bathroom feel and look more luxurious, and you’ll know you made the right decision every time you use it.

Extreme Versatility

There are a vast array of heated towel rails on offer, meaning you can always find one which is right for any room. Smaller models can be used in toilets, while larger versions can be found for full-sized bathrooms, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Heated rails come in different shapes and materials to perfectly suit your chosen design style. Need a funky, modern look? Try a curved design made of shining chrome. Or perhaps you’re after a period feel? Just use a brass model with straight railings.

Energy Efficient

Heated towel rails might sound like the represent a waste of energy, but the exact opposite is true. Keeping your towels dry means having to wash them less - you can even hang up clothing to save on using the tumble drier!

When you take all the benefits of heated towel rails into account, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming increasingly popular all across the UK.