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Bathroom Renovations: Dos and Don’ts

The bathroom is one of the most peaceful places in the home, and of course one of the most used. When renovating a bathroom, it’s important to remember a few simple things. Yes, you want it to be a sanctuary, a room where you can lock the door and unwind in the bath. However, it’s also going to be subjected to much wear and tear, simply due to the amount it’s used. As a result, a bathroom renovation requires meticulous planning to ensure it is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some dos and don’ts of bathroom renovation to help you along with your project.

DON’T rush the process of renovating a bathroom. Once you’re committed to the idea of renovation, you are likely to want it completed tomorrow. However, poor planning usually leads to costs overrunning and corners being cut. Plan your space carefully, consult some certified experts, and spend some time making sure you are 100% sure on your choices before implementing them. Order your chosen equipment well in advance to allow for delays in supply or manufacturing, as well as any unforeseen issues beyond your control.

DO paint or tile bathroom walls in a reasonably neutral colour scheme for most value added. If you choose to sell, pale bathroom colours can give a sense of space and calmness, helping to increase house value. Neutral doesn’t have to mean white, but garish colours can make a bathroom feel cramped or promote a particular emotion that isn’t soothing for example red. If you require chromotherapy why not try a lighting scheme that involves changeable colours. These are very affordable!

DON’T change the location of plumbing when trying to work within a tight budget. Plumbing modifications mean the pipes will have to be modified and often boxed in or installed into the wall. This movement means more labour costs. So if you are on a tight budget toilets, baths, showers and basins should ideally remain in the same place.

DO choose the right surfaces. As well as contributing to the look of your bathroom, surfaces must be able to withstand constant use. Think about cleaning as well – glazed tiles with a smooth surfaces are easier to clean than matt finished or rough finished tiles like slate. Similarly porcelain tiles are in general stronger and more expensive than standard ceramic tiles.

DON’T allocate one person to do all the work if you have the time to manage the project yourself. Many fitters will quote to do all of the parts of your project which is great if you don’t have the time to project manage. However many tradesmen have a specific profession or skill, so it can be less expensive to allot work to carpenters, plumbers and electricians, rather than relying on one person to carry out all the jobs. Be aware though that this cost saving approach can backfire if there is not a strict schedule put into place and agreed by all.

Although the process of renovating your bathroom may well be a stressful one you should look forward to enjoying the finished results.

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