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Bathroom Design with Kids in Mind

In a family home, the importance of the bathroom is often overlooked, yet for young children no other room can provide a similar level of excitement and fun.

It is easy to think of the bathroom as nothing more than a utility room; run in, a quick shower before rushing to work, and then out again before the taps have time to dry. Or those with a love of luxurious candlelit bathing may dream about a freestanding bath, underfloor heating or traditional basin taps.

Yet how often do we view the bathroom from the perspective of the child?

For the imaginative girl or boy, the bath holds the sea on which to float their favourite pirate ship, it is the home of mermaid dolls, and where they first learn the principles of displacement. Bathroom mirrors become doorways to other worlds and bathroom furniture the land and caves amidst this ocean wonderland. Why not consider shaping your bathroom to improve your children’s imaginations?

A few tips for creating a bathroom with children in mind: 

1. Accept the floor will get very wet

While you may not want to create a true wet room with an additional walk in shower, children love to splash and play and it is inevitable that the water is going to have a hard time remaining in the bathtub. Make sure the floor and bath are properly sealed and the low area of the walls are waterproofed. Don’t forget the mop.

2. Pick a bright colour scheme

As adults we all appreciate the beautiful simplicity of a contemporary bathroom suite, all in gleaming white, but children are lovers of bright colours and patterns. Think about a colourful tiling scheme that complements and brings some light-heartedness to pristine white bathroom appliances.

3. Light it well

Candle lit baths are for adults but poor bathroom lighting is no good for kids. Take the time to consider your lighting options and ensure the bath is well lit from an indirect light; great for reading to them in too! Use mirrors to amplify the natural light. 

4. Make it comfortable

Underfloor heating is an attraction for anyone, but heated towel rails and other touches of luxury help make the bathroom a desirable room for the whole family. Make sure the bathroom furniture allows the children to come straight from their water adventure into a warm embrace.

Then perhaps, with the children abed, you too can relax in your own idyllic utopia.