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Bathroom Changes Which Lower Your Monthly Bills

People often wonder how they can refit their bathroom on a budget, but not so many consider which fixtures they can install to save money in the long-term. That’s a shame, because keeping this in mind when you’re redesigning can end up saving you significant amounts, and you’ll still enjoy a finished bathroom with all the latest luxuries.

Use Underfloor Heating Instead of a Radiator

Fitting your bathroom with underfloor heating instead of using a traditional radiator often seems like far too intensive a job, but it’s a decision which will pay off in the long run. Apart from freeing up space in your bathroom, underfloor heating is far more efficient. Producing heat across the whole room, the water used doesn’t need to be heated to as high a temperature as it would be for a radiator.
This could see you saving anywhere from 15% to 50% on your heating bills. As an added bonus, underfloor heating involves maintenance costs which are minimal to non-existent.

Use a Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper

Bidets have never quite caught on in the United Kingdom, but that seems to be changing. Long regarded as something of a joke, Britons across the nation are starting to discover the benefits, especially the financial ones.
It might not be something which occurs to you, since the cost is so spread out, but cutting out toilet paper could save you substantially. On average, every Briton uses 50 rolls each year, so this is an expense which is particularly important for families to eliminate. The best way to do it? Install a bidet.

Use a Smaller Basin

The simplest solutions are often the most effective; if you want to reduce your water bills, start by buying a smaller basin. Big, deep basins might look attractive, but they’ll usually just lead to you having to use more water. Conversely, using a smaller unit means you won’t need to fill it up as much.
Pedestal units are often the best models to go for, but nearly every type of basin can be found in either small or large, so just make sure you go for the former.

Make these changes, and you’ll notice your monthly costs start to drop in no time at all.