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Bath Or Shower… Which One Do I Install?

If you’re a traditional type, you’re likely to want a bath in your bathroom. Baths are extremely relaxing; a few candles and some aromatherapy salts and you have yourself a home spa. Equally, baths are great for all the family; kids love playing in a bubble bath and small children don’t normally enjoy a shower. As a result, when you come to sell your home, potential buyers with children are likely to shy away from houses without one.

Likewise, the elderly usually prefer a soak in the bath. Baths are normally a cheaper option to buy than a shower too; typically you can get a bath as part of a suite and save on having to buy the shower enclosure, tray, actual shower and tiling. Of course, you could go down the route of having a shower over your bath. It’s great to keep your options open with the choice of using either, but for the ultimate shower experience you can’t beat a ‘proper’ shower enclosure which may mean you’re better off getting rid of the bath completely. A bath usually takes up a large amount of bathroom space. A corner shower on the other hand gives you the benefit of more breathing space in the rest of the bathroom, perhaps with the option to use some of this free space for something else – for example, a storage unit, a larger basin or a laundry bin. There are so many options when it comes to shower installations, allowing you to customise your bathroom to your heart’s content.

You could even opt for the increasingly popular walk-in shower or wet room. Whilst a shower over bath option might seem appealing, you won’t be able to add luxury features that modern showers can now incorporate such as floor lights, seats, body jets, foot washers and gully drains. In addition there is undoubtedly more showering room inside an enclosure of similar outer proportions to a bath.

If you live a fast-paced life, it’s also a lot easier to have a quick shower in the morning rather than running a bath. A shower can also be more refreshing and invigorating first thing. The amount of water used will vary depending on the length of your shower, but a five minute shower normally uses far less water than filling up a bath. Ultimately, you have to think about your own preferences. Which one could you not live without and do you really have to make that sacrifice?


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