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Back to Wall or back to basic?

Bathrooms are not getting any bigger and are constantly being filled with more and more of the every day essentials required for beauty and grooming regimes. This is why many families are moving away from the traditional Close Coupled toilets which were previously commonplace in most family homes. Although these are still a good choice, there are new ranges of Back to Wall and Wall Hung toilets which conserve space.

Close coupled

The traditional Close Coupled toilets remain the cheapest toilet option, with the newer and smaller ranges entering the market at higher retail prices. These toilets can also come in back to the wall styles, it is important to check where the soil pipe is situated behind the toilet before you make your purchase as it needs to be close to the wall in order for this type of toilet to be fitted. These should not be confused with the Back to Wall ranges of toilets.

Back to wall

Back to Wall toilets are slightly more expensive than the traditional ranges but don’t take up as much space, therefore work well in cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms. The cistern on these is in the wall or a cupboard behind the pan. Please remember when fitting and re-decorating that occasional access into the cistern may be required.

Wall hung

The other option for toilets is the Wall Hung range. These are the most expensive system as they are built into a frame so essentially the price encompasses both items. The frames have parts which allow access into the cistern if required, this is usually the flush button which pulls off. If you want a Wall Hung toilet but the wall is brick and can’t be knocked into, then a monolith Wall Hung toilet would be the best option.

Hopefully this has given food for thought when you are planning your new bathroom as to which system would be most suitable with your style and the space available.


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