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Are you open to open-plan bathrooms?

We spotted an interesting article on The Guardian website depicting the nightmares associated with the latest trend of open-plan bathrooms found in an increasing number of hotels. We feel the bathroom has to be quite spectacular if there is no getting away from it!

There are many instances where these bathrooms would be impractical as a little bit of privacy is required, perhaps having blinds or curtains as an option would be a compromise. Although then it would make more of a show when you see the curtains open revealing your other half or travelling companion stark naked in the shower! For some people this may be appealing as many guests opt for suites which feature a large freestanding bathtub in the bedroom. For other travellers however, the walls should preferably remain in place to retain the appropriate boundaries.

If you do find on arrival at your hotel that you have a bedroom with open plan en-suite lets hope you have booked the hotel for a romantic break with someone you are very close to, close enough that you don’t mind each other seeing your every movements. Rather than as a stopover with a colleague after a business conference (…well, that’s one way to get to know the team quickly!)


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