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Add an en-suite to add value

The average age of first time buyers in the UK has rapidly increased over the last decade, with research suggesting the average age is now 37 compared with 28 back in 2002. Previously only the wealthy had the spare bedroom with the en-suite available for family to occupy whilst visiting. Now it seems that most families have this room as permanent lodging for their grown up children as they struggle to afford their own homes and find themselves residing longer with their parents. This lifestyle shift has seen a correlating change in the number of homes with en-suites and additional cloakrooms to cope with the increased demand, consequently shower cubicle sales are rising as baths declining. Shower cubicles are available in an array of shapes and sizes to fit even the smallest rooms.

Practicality is not the only reason to add an en-suite bathroom though, providing there is sufficient space in the home then adding an en-suite is a good way of adding value to the property. The UK housing market is starting to regain confidence and this is a good way of adding a unique selling point over neighbouring houses when there is not a lot of scope for differentiation.

It is worth remembering that small bathrooms can be just as luxurious as larger rooms by including stylish fixtures and fittings to complement the furniture. Wall hung furniture is ideal for cloakrooms and en-suites where space is limited as they are more conservative.


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