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Add a sense of style to your bathroom

Automatic taps were commonly just a feature in public washrooms, but nowadays it seems increasingly important for families to have the most hygienic systems in place in their homes. We have some stylish sensor taps to help with this.


There are a range of different sensor taps available that include touch top and hands free designs. The hands free style has an infra red sensor which activates the tap when it identifies movement roughly 5-20cm in front of it. Positioning is important with these taps as reflective surfaces, too much light and close proximity to frequent movement will impact functionality. 


Some sensor taps can be temperature controlled to have a flow of water at a constant temperature. Whilst others start off cool, progress through to warm then back to a cool flow again, these are the most common sensor taps. It is also possible to adjust the flow of water from the tap to meet the users’ needs. Most sensor taps are battery operated, however some are mains powered, it is worth double checking before you purchase in case it is not what you had planned for.


One thing to note when choosing to have a sensor tap in your bathroom is your water pressure. Many of these taps require a minimum water pressure of 1 bar, so if you have a gravity fed system you will require a pump to give it that boost. Combination boilers and pressurised cylinders should be suitable with these taps.


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