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A brief guide to help you choose your new basin

Following on from our blog entry yesterday this post focuses on the different types of basins that will accompany your toilet to continue your chosen bathroom theme.

Similarly as with the toilets there are three main types of design for basins- Floor Standing with a pedestal or stand, Wall Hung and Wall Hung Unit.

Floor Standing basin

The Floor Standing basin is the traditional option which typically accompanies the Close Coupled toilet. The pedestal under the basin provides support and stops the basin from breaking away from the wall, for extra support, particularly if the basin is on the larger side it can also be bolted to the wall.

Wall hung basin

The Wall Hung basin will either feature a semi pedestal or be a one piece basin which conceals the trap. If, due to the style of the semi pedestal the pipework is visible, the basin will normally have a fancy chrome trap as shown in the picture below.

Wall hung unit

The Wall Hung Unit is another common option featuring a cabinet attached to the bathroom wall. The unit is very handy as it offers a space saving storage solution for bathroom products and toiletries. There is one thing you must check if choosing a Wall Hung Unit and that is the waste. If the waste goes straight back to the wall rather than going down to the floor and doesn’t take up too much space beneath the basin this is ideal for this type of system. With the waste going out the back there are two options for the unit, you can choose to either have drawers inside the cupboard or have a door front with shelves inside. If there is any doubt over the waste and the feasibility of drawers, the safer choice is shelving. Although, if there is a real desire or need for drawers there are less economical ways around it, such as drawers with cut outs at the back to accommodate the waste.

Recessed and countertop basins

There are other more exclusive basins available these are typically found in, but not limited to, hotels and restaurants rather than a common feature of the family bathroom. These include Full or Semi Recessed Basins which fit the shape and size of the unit they are in. Countertop Basins are another increasingly popular choice which comprise a vessel sitting on top of a purpose built unit. It is important to note that this type of basin does not have an overflow- as it has nowhere to go! This means it can be fitted in a cloakroom without a plug, but generally isn’t suitable in bathrooms where people will be using it for washing and there is a higher risk of overfilling.

A few things to point out to assist in your basin choosing process are that there is no standard basin depth and that many of them today are handed. This should give you a starting point at least to get your shopping under way, it is by no means everything you need to know!


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