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A Bacteria Heatmap For your Bathroom

Bathroom Ideas for Reducing Bacteria

Your bathroom is a space for relaxing, for recuperating and for cleaning away the stresses of the day. But just how clean are you getting, really? As it turns out, your bathroom is actually a haven for a plethora of deadly bacteria, all breeding in places you would never believe weren't sparkling clean. From your bathroom floor, to the drain in the sink you wash your face in every day, your bathroom is secretly harbouring a world of filth you knew nothing about. To help you identify the places where germs love to lurk, and hopefully help you in your efforts to make your bathroom gleam with perfect cleanliness, we've created the ultimate bacteria heatmap.

This heatmap locates the areas in the bathroom where bacteria love to thrive, and we can guarantee that some of these places are locations you'd never expect...

Bathroom Ideas for Cleaning

A Bacteria Heatmap For Your Bathroom


We use the bathroom every day, a sanctuary in which we clean ourselves in a variety of ways, but just how clean is this room? To help you pinpoint the dirtiest points of your bathroom we’ve created the bathroom bacteria heatmap for you to know where to clean and what to avoid.

The Typical Bathroom

There are certain places you’d expect to find bacteria, such as the bin in your home, which contains 411 bacteria per square inch. But what about your supposedly clean bathroom? How does it compare to something we so quickly assume will be dirtier?


Your toilet bowl has 3.2 million bacteria per square inch.

Cleaner Than Some

Your toilet seat can contain around 295 bacteria per square inch, which is actually a lot less than your toothbrush . . .

Dental Care

Think you keep your mouth squeaky clean? Think again: your toothbrush can contain at least 200,000 more bacteria per square inch than what’s on your toilet seat.

Scrub a dub dub

The grout between your bathroom tiles, the sealant around your bath and your bathroom taps all create the perfect little crevices for mould to lurk in., and the drain itself contains 119,468 bacteria per square inch.

Let There Be Light!

You touch it every time you go in and out the bathroom but it’s still surprising that your bathroom light switch contains 217 bacteria per square inch.

Mop me!

A study by the Cleaning Research Institute found that bathroom floors are usually the dirtiest things in your bathroom, containing around 764 bacteria per square inch.

Think Before You Flush

To keep your bathroom cleaner overall make sure you close the toilet when you flush to stop particles becoming airborne. Clean the flush handle regularly too, as it contains 83 bacteria per square inch.

Face Mistakes

Your bathroom countertop can contain 452 bacteria per square inch. This combines with potentially airborne toilet water means you should keep makeup out the bathroom!

Now Wash Your Hands

Don’t forget to clean your tap handles when you clean your bathroom; they can contain an astounding 6267 bacteria per square inch.

Mind Your Eyes

If you drop your contact lens in your sink, make sure you give it a through clean afterwards as the drain in your sink could be harbouring 2733 bacteria on just one square inch of its surface.


To make sure you don’t fall prey to lurking mould and creeping bacteria follow our hotspots guide when cleaning your bathroom to make sure it really sparkles! Keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning regime will ensure that any bacteria in your bathroom is banished before you know it.