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5 Scary Movie Scenes in the Bathroom

As we inch towards the end of October we get ever closer to that time of years that's decidedly creepy. Pumpkins begin crowding every supermarket shelf in sight, fancy dress parties are widespread and thrilling movies become our nightly television fodder. But, as ever, our main concern is with bathrooms, and exactly how they fit in with all this scary splendour. With that in mind we've taken a look at some scary movie scenes that happen in the bathroom, to really get in the Halloween spirit . . .


What kind of list would this be if we didn't include the most famous scene of all scary movie scenes in the bathroom? Hitchcock's famous offering is heralded as the first of all slasher films and is known well even by those who haven't yet watched it. Our leading lady, Marion, is savagely killed off as she enjoys a hot shower just half an hour into the film. Interestingly, this flick was also the first movie in which we saw a flushing loo in an American movie sparking complaints from the public.

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The Fly

Not your typical horror movie, but The Fly had enough gory scenes to get us squirming in our seats. Jeff Goldblums character's hasty attempt to impress a pretty journalist winds up with him fusing with a fly, meaning the entirety of the film consists of us watching his transformation. One scene shows us his rapid deterioration as he looks in the bathroom mirror as various bits of his body begin to drop off.

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The Shining

'Here's Johnny!' says our protagonist Jack, as the grip he once had on his sanity fails him completely and we see him hammer the bathroom door with an axe to get to his wife, who is hiding from him inside. But that isn't the only scary movie scene in this disconcerting masterpiece by Kubrick. Earlier in the film we watch as Jack finds a beautiful woman in the bath in room 237. They approach one another but as they go to embrace she is transformed into a decaying hag, giving us a clear insight into the madness clouding Jack's mind.

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Pennywise is perhaps the entire reason behind why that jovial clown hired for your birthday party became an unspeakable force of terror. His pursuit of young children across the town of Derry throughout the film involves his metamorphosis into a range of terrifying ghouls, but it is his clown impersonation that is probably the scariest of them all. In one scene a young boy is alone in the school showers when Pennywise appears, widening the shower drain to get to him.

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The Grudge

One of the more terrifying of modern horror movies, The Grudge focuses on a curse situated in a Japanese family home, which causes all who venture within it to die in an awful manner at the hands of the spirit trapped in the house. There are a few horrifying moments that occur in bathrooms, with the murder of a young boy being one of them. Our protagonist also has a terrifying experience as she showers; reaching behind her head in the act of washing her hair, she feels a ghostly hand gripping the back of her head . . .


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It appears that bathrooms can be a pretty vulnerable place, with many horror movies using a bathroom of some sort to convey a sense of panic, or as the setting for the deadly goings on that plague the characters. Unlike the horror movie makers we like to think of bathrooms as safe havens where you can get away from the 'mad'dening crowd!


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