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5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Thinking of updating the look of your bathroom? Before you start, here are the top five things you should consider to make sure your new bathroom ticks all the right boxes. 

1. Sit in a bathtub before you buy it

Make sure you get into bathtubs in the showroom before you make a decision on which one to buy (think of it as a dry run). A 60-inch tub is generally more than adequate for most people. You want to be able to stretch out but still get a good foothold when the bath is full. If shortage of space means you need a small tub, go for a deep one. 

2. Choose stylish features

Decide on the style of your bathroom and stick with it. If you are going for elegance, then a traditional pedestal basin and claw-foot bathtub will fit the look. If you want a more modern finish then think simple lines and minimalism when choosing your fixtures. 

3. Don't scrimp on the toilet

We're not saying you need to blow your budget on a porcelain throne, but you do need to get a good quality toilet. Toilets that have elongated bowls and seats are usually the most comfortable. 

4. Choose durable flooring

The last thing you need is to have flooring that is not water tight - especially in a bathroom. Ceramic, stone or marble tiles are all very durable and water resistant. If you want to add an extra touch of comfort on chilly mornings, you can add under-floor heating. 

5. Mirror, mirror

It's a tip that appears time and time again in bathroom renovation guides, but a large, beautifully framed mirror always makes an enormous difference to the room. It adds a sense of space, adds a sense of style, and is totally practical.