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2013 Wellbeing Toilet

It is one of the most used and ultimately an essential household item, the toilet, and it hasn’t changed a great deal over the past few centuries since the introduction of the flushing toilet in 1596. If you have an idea of how the toilet could be improved it is worth making your ideas known and you could be seeing your invention in the flesh.

World Toilet Day 2013 saw the prototype of the wellbeing toilet displayed in London’s University of Arts for the world to see. The winning toilet had to fall into the following categories: beneficial to the users’ health and wellbeing as well as being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The winning toilet aimed to improve health by diagnosing medical conditions through analysing urine samples along with reducing haemorrhoids and the risk of intestinal cancer. It is made from ceramics that are sculpted to the shape of your body to enhance your sitting position.

The toilet may not have changed much in recent years but are there technological advances that will revolutionise the common household toilet as we know it…?


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