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19th November 2013- World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day helps raise awareness and helps improve global sanitation through changing behaviour and enhancing water management. In the UK and other developed countries we are fortunate enough to have clean running water and sanitation, with access to clean and safe toilets, unlike 2.5 billion people worldwide. It is impossible to imagine what these people have to go through everyday just to carry out the necessary bodily functions, as well as the life threatening illnesses that can occur from the lack of sanitation.

Toilets are taken for granted in developed countries as they are a basic human right, however a third of the population still remains without one, causing no end of problems. Not having clean toilets means that living conditions are extremely poor and unpleasant, whilst germs will rapidly spread causing sickness and diarrhea often leading to death.

Say thank you to your toilet this World Toilet Day and help others who are less fortunate. Our help can make all the difference to the lives of others.


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