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10 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes to Display

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Although it may be one of the rooms we spent the least amount of time in, the bathroom is a room for rejuvenation and relaxation. So why not further the comforting mood with a few inspirational quotes to pick up your mood? From quotes about cleanliness to quotes about self-love and relaxation, here are our top ten bathroom quotes to admire while you shower.

‘Wash Away Your Troubles with Some Bubbles’

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Kicking off the list is a quote that will motivate you to relax while getting squeaky clean. Display this one above your tub or on a plain feature wall near to a freestanding bath.

‘Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself’

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A list of inspirational bathroom quotes couldn’t be complete without this one by Coco Chanel. Perfect for encouraging self-love first thing in the morning, have this one on the wall where your bathroom mirror lies.

‘I Don’t Sing in the Shower, I Perform’

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For all the shower singers out there. This quote encourages your sudsy performances as you belt out your favourite songs into your shower head.

‘Be the Reason that Someone Smiles Today’

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A heart-warming quote to get you raring for the day, this quote is essential for those who need a little motivation to get going in the morning.

‘Soap is to the Body What Laughter is to the Soul’

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This is an inspirational quote from a Yiddish proverb about the value of laughter. But it couldn’t be more fitting to the bathroom. Proudly display this one above the bathtub to create a welcoming bathroom.

‘Sometimes the Most Productive Thing You Can Do Is Relax’

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After a long, stressful day of work this Mark Black quote will be a warm welcome into the bathroom. No matter how busy you are, this will encourage you to recuperate with a lengthy bubble bath before getting back to the humdrum of life.

‘Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day, Love Beyond Words’

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This is one of the most popular bathroom quotes to keep you and your family happy, or at least give the impression that you’re part of a happy household.

‘Happiness is a Long Hot Bubble Bath’

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Another apt bathroom quote to be proudly displayed over the tub. This one again will make you feel a little less guilty as you spend your second hour in the bath.

‘Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful’

Inspirational Bathroom Quotes

This quote is a good reminder of the importance of self-confidence and is definitely helpful to see first thing in the morning. Place this one as near to your mirror for a daily pick-me-up.

‘The Time to Relax is When You Don’t Have Time for It’

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Last but not least on the inspirational bathroom quotes is this one by Sydney J Harris. Like the rest of this list, this quote also promotes some much needed self-indulgence.