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10 Bathroom Safety Tips For The Family

As well as being a great place to relax, your bathroom is also one of the more dangerous rooms in your house – especially if you have young children. Recognising the risks and following a few simple steps will mean you and your family can stay safe.

1. Using non-slip mats in your bath and shower will prevent potential slips and falls or purchasing a bath that has a non-slip surface in the showering area.

2. Kids love splashing around in the tub, which means lots of puddles on the floor. A mat is handy to have for when you get out of the bath, it is warm on your feet too. Otherwise ensure you mop up water from the floor straight after bath time and check after hand washing and teeth brushing too.

3. Make sure your bathroom is sufficiently lit at night time. Use a nightlight in the hall or landing ideally with a light switch that glows in the dark.

4. Keep medication and cleaning products out of the reach of children. It’s great that children are curious – just not when it comes to dangerous substances. Keep bottles up high and in a locked cabinet. The same goes for scissors, tweezers and nail varnish remover, as well as anything else that children shouldn’t play with, like your favourite perfume!

5. This is an obvious one, but electricity and water do not mix. Never plug in any electrical appliances near water – ever.

6. Install rails or grab bars in or around the bath and shower. These are useful for all family members, young or old, when keeping their balance as anyone could potentially slip. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit all your needs.

7. Fit a thermostatic bath shower mixer tap on the bath or thermostatic shower valve with a simple-to-use temperature gauge. This will avoid scalding water and possible burns.

8. When your children are young you may want to fit a lock to the outside of the bathroom door. The lock should be out of reach of little fingers and kept locked when the bathroom is not being used. 

9. Keep your bath tub clean to avoid the build-up of slippery soap scum.

10. Don’t rush. Having a bath or a shower should be an enjoyable experience. Take your time in the bathroom to unwind and avoid accidents.


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