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Tiling Your Bathroom Floor

A well tiled bathroom or wetroom floor is a stylish surface that is easy to clean and maintain, and it will look good for many years.

When selecting your tile design remember to ensure the surface of the tile has the right balance between being easy to clean and having an element of non-slip. Tiles come with a rating to indicate their slip resistance, R9 is the appropriate minimum standard of slip resistance for the bathroom floor.

As the flooring in the bathroom is often subjected to water, either after bathing or from the taps, it can become quite slippery therefore the last thing you need is a tiled floor that is slippery when it is dry as this could potentially be very dangerous.

Porcelain tiles are preferable to standard ceramic tiles for the floor as they are more hard wearing and less porous.

We have found this video (below) which gives a really helpful guide to tiling a floor, after all you want to carry out a good job in the first place to avoid any leaks or having to redo the tiling before you should need to.


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