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Tiling Bathroom Walls

Bathroom tiles come in all shapes and sizes. In general the large format tiles contribute to making a bathroom look bigger due to having less grout lines criss-crossing the room. Tiles sized 40cm square, 30cm x 60cm and above are considered large format tiles. The use of borders, mosaics and trims can all add to the overall aesthetic and give your bathroom that ‘wow’ factor.

Floor to ceiling tiling gives a very smart and clean look to a wetroom or bathroom, however there are many ways to reduce the amount of tiling in the bathroom without compromising on the look. In fact the initial planning of the layout of your tiles is very important as, when this is done well, the job of tiling is made much easier.

Our latest guide for beginners is really useful and makes tiling a bathroom wall much easier. Find this guide here: Beginners Tips to Installing Bathroom Wall Tiles

There is another article which goes into much more detail and helps to show you how to tile and walks you through each step:

If you prefer to watch how to tile a bathroom wall, this classic video might be more suitable (below).


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