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How To Reseal And Silicone Around A Bath

One of the most common places that leaks occur in a bathroom is around the bath tub. Very often there is an issue with the original installation of the bath, if the bath wasn’t filled with water before being batoned and tiled in during the original installation then the bath will be able to move a great deal more than it should which then leads to leaks.

Aside from that, the silicone also deteriorates over time which can also allow leaks to occur. The best way to ensure leak free bathing is to remove and renew the seal around the bath with the tiles or wall cladding then to maintain it.

It is a good idea to keep on top of the maintenance of your bathroom because it will costs much less money over its life. Keep the seal clean and reseal around the bath whenever you feel it needs to be changed. 

Here you will find a useful article and video to assist you with your silicone resealing project. Watch the video below to help you reseal and silicone around a bath quickly and efficiently. 


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