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How to Give Your Bathroom a Minimalistic Look

If you’re hoping to provide your bathroom with a touch of minimalistic chic, but aren’t sure where to start, then this is just the guide you’ve been searching for. Minimalistic bathrooms are stunning spaces, but they don’t need to cost the earth or involve the hiring of professional stylists. All you need are some inside tips.

Move Everything Out

Yes – everything, or at least everything which you can move. You already know that minimalistic designs demand a cut-down on clutter, but deciding what needs to go is always tough. Taking everything out helps you to decide which items you truly need.

Now, go through a standard week, and take note of the bathroom items which you use either every day or every other day. These are the only items you should keep in your minimalistic bathroom.

Create Enough Storage

Okay, now you’ve banished everything unnecessary from your bathroom, but there’s still a decent amount of stuff left over. This is why you still require ample storage space.

Remember, minimalistic designs keep everything out of the way, so even adding a cabinet will help create that look if it organises your space. Put these items into wall hung basin units or bathroom cabinets to free up a lot of space and add to the minimalistic look.

Paint it White

If you’re more committed to your minimalistic dream, consider painting the walls white, or using white tiles. Lighter shades make walls seem less solid and less obstructive – perfect for your desired design style.

Choose white towels too, and try to keep everything clean. Dust and marks will go a long way towards undoing all of your hard work. If you do have the time and money to redo the walls, consider replacing taps and faucets with modern alternatives while you’re at it. Look for stainless steel and chrome designs without any noticeable markings.

Your minimalistic bathroom is easier to achieve than you think, so there’s no reason not to start right away.


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