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How to Fit a Shower in a Toilet or Small Bathroom

If you want to add a shower enclosure to a tiny bathroom – or even to a toilet room – it’s often tricky to get everything right. For a quick overview on how to make the most of your available space – and to end up happy with the finished product – just keep these useful tips in mind.

Utilise Corners  

Most bathrooms will usually have been designed with the fixtures against the walls and the corners open. That’s fine – but it can make adding a shower to a small bathroom rather tricky. If you can, see if the plumbing can be moved. 
You can easily gain a few feet of wall space by moving the sink and toilet into separate corners, freeing another up for the shower itself. A shower placed in the corner is perfect since an enclosure will naturally fit there.

Minimise Your Fixtures

You might need to find a shower enclosure which is slightly on the cosy side if it’s to fit within a toilet room or small bathroom. However, it’s also worth taking a look at the current sink and toilet – as well as any cabinets – to see if they could be replaced for space-saving alternatives. 
Wall-mounted toilets are perfect since much of the plumbing is located behind the wall, stopping the unit from protruding too much into the room itself. Pedestal sinks are also popular for smaller bathrooms, as are thin, wall-mounted options. 

Make it Feel Open 

Replacing those fixtures might add a little cost to the project, but they’ll also go a long way to making the room feel less cluttered, so it’s a good idea to look at alternative toilets and sinks even if a shower can technically fit already. 
At the same time, do everything possible to give the sense of a larger floor area. A folding shower door will be better than one which opens directly outwards, and light shades – roughly uniform across the room – will make the area seem larger and airier.

Adding an extra shower to your home adds value and makes things more convenient when you’re sharing with others. Keep the advice provided in this guide in mind to make sure you do the job right.


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