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How To Find A Bath To Suit Your Bathroom Design


Choosing a new bath to fit your existing bathroom design can be tricky. Whether you are adding a bath for the first time, or replacing an existing bathtub, there are several factors worth considering to ensure that you find the perfect bath.


The size of your bathroom is the most important thing to consider, especially if you are fitting a bath into a new space. Take plenty of measurements of the area to ensure that you get the right fit. For smaller bathrooms, a shorter bath is the best option as they are available in sizes as short as 1000 mm, to fit into even the tightest of spaces. Think also about the shape of your bath. Does your bath need to tuck into a corner, or fit against a wall? If your bathroom is a difficult shape, consider a corner bath. These are available in many different shapes, to maximise your room for soaking while saving on floor space.


The best way to ensure that your bath matches your bathroom design is to consider your existing decor. A period-style rolltop bath will fit best in a traditional bathroom, while a modern bathroom calls for a more contemporary style. If minimalism is the theme of your current space, you might want to choose an elegant solid surface bath, designed as one smooth form with no edges. If you consider your bathroom a real sanctuary, a whirlpool bath will help you to emulate the luxury of a spa in your own home.

Type of bath

Now that you’ve thought about the space your bath needs to fit into, and the style you need it to fit in with, it is time to decide which type of bath is the right choice for your bathroom. Being the largest item in the room, your bath will often be the focus. Make a feature of it by choosing a unique style, such as a freestanding slipper bath. Perhaps you want a traditional freestanding bath, but don’t have the space? The new generation of back to wall baths provide the stability of an inset bath with the stylish design of a freestanding bath, for the best of both worlds.

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