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How To Create A Relaxing Bathing Environment

There are many ways to create a relaxing bathroom to help you unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life.

1. Organise your bathroom

Even if you have a relatively small bathroom it is still a good idea to have some shelving or cupboard space to hide unsightly clutter, leaving worktops clear and tidy. This can instantly improve the look and feel of a bathroom.

2. Keep it natural

Wood effect cupboards and flooring make a room feel warm and welcoming, the different shades of brown work well in a bathroom by complementing the suite. Wood furniture is timeless and looks great in both traditional and contemporary rooms.

3. Rails and radiators

Fit a designer radiator or heated towel rail to heat the bathroom on cold mornings and evenings to make bathing more pleasurable. As well as this, there is the big advantage of having warm and dry fluffy towels for that spa-like luxury.

4. Choose the right bath

Your bath will make all the difference, with so many varieties on the market you are sure to find one to match your needs. Whether it is a double ended bath so two can bathe together comfortably, a spa bath to massage your cares away or a bath complete with a built in sound system so you can listen to your favourite songs whilst you unwind.

5. The right light

The finishing touch is the right lighting. Having windows letting in natural light helps to create a more relaxing mood than having harsh ceiling lights beating down on you. To add some ambient lighting place a few candles around the bathtub, scented candles such as lavender will add to the relaxing environment.


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