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How to Create a Bathroom Which Grows With Your Children

Making your bathroom child-friendly can be a long process which often becomes expensive, so it’s worth taking the time to consider which changes will last your family right up until your children are ready to fly the nest. Here’s how to make a child-friendly bathroom which you won’t need to renovate again five years down the line.

Only Make Temporary Décor Changes

Okay, your child might be totally into Spiderman right now, but that isn’t going to last. Whatever you do, avoid theming your bathroom or making it feel too ‘kiddie’. You’ll only have to renovate when your kids grow out of that phase.
Just make the bathroom interesting in other ways. Themed bathmats, towels, and shampoos can all help make a bathroom feel more kid-friendly without creating any permanent changes which will need to be altered later on.

Make Your Basin Accessible and Sharable

Basins are generally held up a little bit too high for young children to easily reach, but a simple step can be tucked away to be used whenever they need to gain a few extra inches. You’ll also want to make sure that taps are easy to use. Mixer taps are generally simpler to operate, and lever-operated ones make sense since they’re not very hard to turn on and off.

Growing families might consider fitting two basins to make the bathroom easier to share, with one large mirror – or two smaller ones – to make sure your children won’t be jostling for space.

Choose the Right Bath and Shower

Every child-friendly bathroom needs a bath. As with the basin, try to make sure that the taps are easy to operate. If you’ll be bathing two younger children together, consider mounting taps to the side of the bath or on the wall in order to free up each end of the bath. You’ll want to use a bathmat to make sure there’ll be no unsafe slipping and sliding.  

Sooner or later, your children will start taking showers instead, so pick a shower head which can be easily adjusted in terms of both position and pressure. Thermostatic mixer valves are a good choice for both bath and shower, since they stop the water from becoming either too hot or too cold.

Parents have enough to worry about without constantly changing around the family bathroom. Take these tips into account, and avoid getting caught out in the future.