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How to Choose the Perfect Wall Hung Basin

Wall hung basins are fixed directly to the wall with no support underneath, and are often prized for their minimalist appearance. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right one.

Consider the Room’s Layout

Wall-mounted basins are frequently chosen by those whose bathrooms are a little on the small size. They represent a great way to make the most out of more confined spaces, but there is not a one size fits all option.
Not all small bathrooms are of the same layout. Yours might be particularly skinny, or boxy, or even just oddly shaped. Take this into account when looking at wall hung basins. It’s usually wise to match the room shape to the shape of the basin; for example, a long, thin basin will work well in a long, thin room.

Assess Your Storage Needs

With wall-mounted basins, you’re getting more room. However, that typically comes at the cost of storage space since there are no cupboards directly below. Most people don’t need that much storage in the first place, and those who do usually just add a smaller vanity elsewhere. However, if you do need a little bit extra, you should be able to find wall-mounted basins which are easy to install small rails beneath for hanging towels making the most of every available inch of bathroom space.

Shop Online

If you go into a home centre, you aren’t likely to see many varieties of wall hung basins, usually just a few. These won’t provide any indication of the vast number of styles on offer, so go online instead. Additionally, getting the measurements and other specifics right is more crucial here than for other basins. Going online means that you’ll often be able to shop with those requirements already in mind, tweaking the search to accommodate them.

Take Plenty of Notes

Choosing a wall hung basin isn’t all about finding the right size, shape, and style. You’ll also need to determine where support will be needed on the wall, and make sure that you can provide it. This can be assessed by taking the basin’s measurements and mounting height and then matching them up against the wall in question. You’ll also need to know what the tap hole arrangement is.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re searching for your wall hung basin, and you’ll never go too far wrong.



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