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How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Cabinet

How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom cabinet might not seem as important a purchase as a bath or shower, but there’s still plenty to take into account. Making the wrong decision could be costly, so use this quick and easy guide to ensure that you choose the best bathroom cabinet.

Consider Style and Space

It’s easy to make the mistake of selecting a bathroom cabinet based upon how nice it looks in a catalogue, showroom, or on a website. However, you’ll want to think about how it’s going to fit in with your current design scheme. Consider the overall feel you’re trying to foster, then choose a cabinet which will complement the rest of the room.

You’ll also want to take some measurements before buying. Remember, you don’t just need a cabinet which fits in the available space – you also need plenty of room to open drawers and doors.

Assess Your Bits and Bobs

One of the most important things to ask yourself is how much space you really need. A cabinet might fit with both the size of your bathroom and your chosen design style, but that’s not going to be of much consolation if you can’t get everything inside.

Take everything which you plan to store in the cabinet out of the bathroom and try to decide how much space you’ll need and how it needs to be divided up. If you have lots of larger accessories, then buy a cabinet with plenty of unbroken space. If you draw the line at a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, and some shaving foam, you probably don’t need anything too cavernous.

Take Partners into Account

Take the time to consider how many people are going to be sharing the same cabinet. If it’s just you, then buying one with a single door and a couple of shelves is probably going to be sufficient, but you’ll find the space hard to split between two people.

If you’re sharing with your partner, try to find a cabinet with an even number of smaller drawers so everything will be easier to divide and organise. If possible, find one with the drawers laid out symmetrically on each side.   


The wrong bathroom cabinet can ruin the feel of your whole bathroom, and make organisation or access extremely tricky. Luckily, you now know how to select just the right option.


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