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Fitting Or Tightening A Toilet Seat

Is there anything more annoying than sitting down on a loose toilet seat that shifts from side to side? Well yes I guess there is…but it is still very annoying! And, although it shifts from side to side, a lot of people will leave it like this for a while before fixing it or replacing it with a new one. 

Almost all toilet seats will come with the manufacturer’s instructions on fitting and when the seat becomes loose you can simply follow these over again to maintain a comfortable rigid seat. However, unfortunately many people will not still have these instructions after a long period of time has passed. 

Fortunately, we have sourced a couple of useful guides to help you fit or tighten a toilet seat so you can enjoy sitting comfortably when you next visit the bathroom.

With this in mind, we have found this video (below) and this article to give you a helping hand.