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Choosing The Right Basin

The first decision most people face when planning their bathroom makeover is selecting the basin. 

At one point in time this was a fairly straightforward process. However with the vast number of styles now, not to mention the range of materials available, the selection process can seem daunting. 

Knowing a bit about the different styles and materials can make the selection process easier.


Gone are the days where you had to settle for some type of porcelain or other ceramic. With glass, copper, stone, brass and stainless steel basins becoming more popular, you have the ability to create a very striking design.

Glass – While not as fragile as it sounds, glass basins are best suited for guest bathrooms where the chances of heavy objects being dropped into them are less. Sharp or metal objects can also scratch the surface. Glass is also difficult to keep clean so if children will be using this basin, glass should not be your first choice.

Ceramic – Ceramic basins cover a fairly broad area of materials. All are stain resistant, smooth and glossy, plus they are easy to clean. You can’t go wrong with a ceramic basin.

Metals – This too covers a wide range of materials, including cast-iron, copper, nickel and stainless steel.  Metallic basins can offer some dramatic looks, especially with hammered and brushed finishes. Some metals develop a patina as they age which can add to the look.

Stone – Stone basins also make a dramatic statement and a number of choices like granite, onyx, marble and travertine.  They are also perfect for under-counter installation. Just remember that all stone is porous and can stain fairly easily. You will have to seal your stone basin on a regular basis.


The type of installation you choose depends on several factors, including how the basin will be routinely used, your desired overall look and feel, and the amount of space available.

Countertop Basins – This is the most common type of installation. The basin either sits on the countertop or sits inside it. Countertops work best when you have a decent amount of room and like having a sizeable surface area around the basin and cabinetry.

Vessel Basins – Vessel basins sit on top of the counter and are the most striking in terms of style.

Semi Recessed Basins – These are mounted below the countertop and are the easiest to clean as you don’t have to contend with a rim.

Inset Basins – These basins are dropped down into the countertop and are the easiest to install.

Integral Basins – This is a one-piece unit where the basin and countertop are made of the same material. They are easy to clean, but don’t allow for a great deal of creativity in design.

Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins sit on a tall slender base. While once considered a vintage look, you can find an increasing amount of modern, contemporary styles. Pedestal basins are perfect when space is at a premium and for guest bathrooms.

Console Basins – The console variation is popular for those who desire ample counter space coupled with a nice storage area. The console design fits best in larger bathrooms and since it resembles the traditional hallway console table, it works well in more formal looking bathrooms.

At Soakology, we have a wide range of basins available to suit any bathroom with free delivery on order over £400.


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