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5 Ways Technology Enhances Your Bathroom

Technology has been gradually encroaching on our lives over the past few decades, from most households owning a computer to being able to take phone calls on your watch. But one area that doesn’t tend to be appreciated is the bathroom. In most people’s minds, the bathroom is still a place where you find a bath, a shower, a mirror and other typical furniture that all existed over a century ago.

However, now technology is taking over the washroom. Here we explore 5 areas that have been modernised and improved to make our bathroom experiences much more enhanced and enjoyable.

shower toilet

Shower Toilets

That’s right, those two things have finally merged to combine the practicality of a good old loo, with the cleanliness and hygiene of a shower. No, toilets will not be fitted with a shower head, rather they feature waterjets and dryers built into the rim of the bowl to guarantee a clean finish – negating the need for toilet paper, which negates the need to cut down trees for the paper and thus helps save the planet. One of the latest innovations from the Swiss manufacturer Geberit is the Aquaclean Mera, one of the most advanced shower toilets in the world. This will be featured on the Soakology site soon.

shower speaker

Musical Showers

Do you like to listen to the radio in the shower? Do you struggle to hear it over the running water and keep pausing your washing to crank up the volume? Well worry no more! Because the Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth has a built in speaker to let you listen to your favourite tunes through the water itself. Rather than act as a sound barrier, the H2O becomes a channel through which music reaches your ears, and turns your shower cubicle into a concert hall.

TV mirror

TV Mirrors

Mirrors have had a good run given their popularity and reflective properties. But technology has ushered in an age of transformation even for the humble bathroom mirror. The Eclipse Television Mirror features an embedded LCD TV within a two-way mirror. If the TV is off then you see only your reflection, but switch it on and you can enjoy – in high definition no less – your favourite sitcom while brushing your teeth.

smart scales

Smart Scales

In the same way that technology has made mobile phones into computers and less about making calls, so has it made simple weighing scales less about telling you how heavy you are and more about body composition. Today you can pick from a wide range of products that offer you in depth stats on your weight, BMI, percentage of body fat, the weather and air quality outside. It also connects to your activity watch to evaluate your exercise routine, monitors blood pressure, and links to your computer to deliver a host of stats and data, to better help you understand what makes you who you are. All this delivered to your eye on a high-def LCD screen with Wi-Fi connectivity.

water pebble

Water Monitor

With all this glorious technology flowing through your bathroom, it might be tempting to spend a lot more time playing with all the gadgets. But his might lead to higher water bills. If only there were something to monitor your water usage! Fear not, because the Water Pebble has been created specifically to take the guesswork out of water conservation. It sits at the bottom of your shower and measures the amount of water you’re using, then warns you at various stages when you should be thinking of ending your shower. Cleverly, it then reduces the time of your showers over a number of weeks, thus helping you save water, reduce your water bill and become a water conservation pro.

There is of course a ton more bathroom tech out there and more seems to be invented everyday. The days of the dull wet room are over!


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