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With bathrooms fast becoming a room filled with luxurious spa-like suites, the main focus is moving away from pure functionality and towards innovative bathing designs. You too can have a stunning bathroom in your home regardless of your budget. Our Soakology suites are affordable and combine functionality with the latest designs.


The UK bathroom industry currently plays host to many of the world’s greatest designers and manufacturers which means that customers are spoilt for choice. With the introduction of online retailers acting as disintermediaries it is now easier than ever to get the latest designer suites at consumer- friendly prices, it is just a case of having a look to see what is out there.


It is a good idea when planning a new bathroom or re-design to first come up with a suggested theme for the room to avoid having an assortment of furniture and fittings which do not work well together. By coming up with a theme you can select the range of furniture then find complementary products to suit. You can literally design your bathroom using any theme you can think of, broadly speaking these usually fall loosely into either traditional or modern bathrooms. One of the most popular themes as previously mentioned is having a spa- like bathroom, this is usually recreated through a minimalistic approach along with quality furnishings. Cluttered bathrooms don’t tend to make the most relaxing spaces.


Freestanding baths provide a focal point in any bathroom, if you have the space they are a nice addition for indulgent bathing, you will also benefit from the increase in head support these baths offer. If space is an issue it is worth choosing a different idea for a focal point, this could be something that doesn’t take up space like having one wall painted in a bold, bright colour or by hanging a piece of art work that catches the eye. Mirrors can also work well and make a small room feel more spacious, innovative new designs include built in led lighting, digital clocks and radios- multi-functional!


Make the most of the space you have, you don’t need a massive room to have a designer suite any more. With a wide range of corner baths, shower baths and free standing baths on the market you are sure to find one that fits your bathroom or for smaller than average bathrooms and en suites a handy shower enclosure may be just what you are looking for. Cramped shower cubicles are a thing of the past as there is now just as much choice for showers as there is with baths.

However you decide to refurbish your bathroom ensure that you are utilising the space effectively and that all areas are functional. After all there’s nothing worse getting out of the bath and banging your head on the wall hung cabinet before bashing your elbow on the basin.

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