Bathroom How To Guides

At Soakology we are passionate about both our customers and our products. As most people only change their bathroom once a decade they can’t be expected to navigate the many design changes and technical advances occurring over that time. That is why Soakology have created a pool of beginners tips, general information and instructions for our customers benefit called our ‘How to guides’. These are continually being posted with helpful articles to make your bathroom selection and installation as easy as possible. If there is an article you would like written for your particular bathroom dilemma or you need a beginner's tip for the bathroom please let us know and we will get right on it.

The Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

December 6, 2017

Whether you love or hate cleaning your bathroom, it's a job we all must do. Getting the cleaning balance just right can be tricky and it's a space that can get dirty very quickly, ironically. To help you with the struggle we've created a cleaning checklist to keep you on top of those jobs. Whether…
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Tips On Creating A Green Bathroom

Whether you are thinking about a bathroom renovation or not, you should consider a bathroom ‘greenovation’. The bathroom is often the room in which water use is highest, paper is wasted and harsh cleaning products are used on a regular basis- but this doesn’t have to be the case. Turning your bathroom into a ‘green’…
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Installing A Shower Door or Cubicle

We Brits love showers! More and more now we are replacing the family bathtubs in our homes with walk in showers and shower enclosures. There are of course many different types of cubicle, from the sliding quadrant to the rectangular hinged and these are fitted in differing ways depending on the manufacturer. This  article gives…
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Installing Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture is a great way to create storage and hide pipework often making a neat and tidy run of furniture with a basin and toilet incorporated. You can combine wall units, mirrors and different elements of furniture together to give exactly the right amount of storage, work surface and mirror space for your…
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Replacing A Shower Hose

The shower hose which connects the shower system with the handset is subjected to a lot of wear and tear with it often being stretched and bent in various directions meaning it may become kinked or even develop a split. A lot of hoses have a ridged surface so they are not the easiest to…
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Putting Up A Wall Cabinet Or Mirror

Mirrored wall cabinets and bathroom mirrors have become a ubiquitous feature of the modern bathroom. We have so many lotions, potions and general cosmetics these days it is great to have somewhere discreet to place them, tidied away from the prying eyes of our guests. Of course bathroom cabinets and mirrors come in all shapes,…
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Your Essential Guide To Grouting

When grouting is done well nobody notices it. But when it is done badly, becomes stained or cracked, that’s when people start to take notice – and for all the wrong reasons. Grout works in many ways in your bathroom – locking tiles in place, keeping out water, protecting tiles from dirt and giving walls…
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Repairing A Toilet Flush System

Toilet flushing systems are a wonder of the modern age, they are simple but hugely effective at improving hygiene and human health. When they go wrong however they can cause us real headaches, not to mention water wastage and a huge bill! If you are suffering from flushing issues try reading this useful article for…
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Tiling Your Bathroom Floor

A well tiled bathroom or wetroom floor is a stylish surface that is easy to clean and maintain, and it will look good for many years. When selecting your tile design remember to ensure the surface of the tile has the right balance between being easy to clean and having an element of non-slip. Tiles…
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Fixing A Running Toilet

There are few household sounds more annoying than the noise of a running toilet with its constant trickle, and this is just one of the issues associated with it. A running toilet is certainly not good for the environment and the costs of having one can be quite high especially if you are on a…
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How To Remove An Existing Toilet

The road to a sparkling new bathroom worthy of artistic praise begins with clearing out the old and creating your ‘blank canvas’. This article provides some helpful advice on how to remove an existing close coupled toilet. Before you begin, take a peek at our terrific range of sparkling new loos. You will need…
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