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At Soakology we are passionate about both our customers and our products. As most people only change their bathroom once a decade they can’t be expected to navigate the many design changes and technical advances occurring over that time. That is why Soakology have created a pool of beginners tips, general information and instructions for our customers benefit called our ‘How to guides’. These are continually being posted with helpful articles to make your bathroom selection and installation as easy as possible. If there is an article you would like written for your particular bathroom dilemma or you need a beginner's tip for the bathroom please let us know and we will get right on it.

10 Different Things To Add To Your Bath And Their Health Benefits

July 6, 2017

Baths can serve all manner of purposes, from stress busting soaks to lullaby lounges. But did you know that you can actually have a bath that heals ailments or makes you look younger for longer? Take a look at this infographic to improve your future bath experiences.   10 Different Things To Add To Your…
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Fitting A Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap

The basin monobloc mixer tap has overtaken the pair of taps in popularity and has become ubiquitous in the modern home. Although there are some similar steps involved in fitting them when compared to a pair of taps there are also many differences due to the mixer cartridge found inside the tap. Most of the…
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Installing A Bath

There are many different types of bath available with most of them requiring bath panels. Baths can be installed against one wall, fitted in a corner against two walls, whilst others can be freestanding away from all walls or in the centre of the room as a focal point. Baths can be made from a…
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Fitting A Heated Towel Rail

One of the great and simple pleasures in life comes when exiting your shower and wrapping yourself in a nice warm towel. Mmm… all clean and cosy! This is made possible largely due to the heated towel rail which dries and warms your towels as well as providing heating for the room. Gone are the…
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The Secret To Gleaming Mirrors And Glass

A statement mirror hanging on a wall can do wonders for the look and feel of even the most compact bathrooms. However, this is only true if the mirror is shiny and smear-free. But having mirrors, shower enclosures or windows so clean they sparkle doesn’t have to mean you’ve got a back-breaking job ahead of…
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Fitting And Installing A Basin And Pedestal

There are so many more types of basin available today than there was ten years ago. You can hang basins on the wall, place pieces of furniture underneath, install them on counter tops, have them as pillars freestanding in the room and the list goes on. Still the most popular mounting style, largely due to…
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Unblocking Toilets, Sinks And Drains

Modern sanitation systems are under more pressure than ever before with more people using them than ever in the history of mankind. Despite the advancement of toilets over the years into the modern toilet, they are still only designed to cope with small quantities of toilet paper being flushed down them, anything bigger or thicker…
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Fitting Or Tightening A Toilet Seat

Is there anything more annoying than sitting down on a loose toilet seat that shifts from side to side? Well yes I guess there is…but it is still very annoying! And, although it shifts from side to side, a lot of people will leave it like this for a while before fixing it or replacing…
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Your Guide To Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to tiles, there’s a lot of choice out there. But while variety means that you are more likely to find something that suits your taste and requirements, it also means that choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can become a bit overwhelming, to say the least. There’s patterned, plain, glazed, textured,…
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Installing And Fitting A Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve

There are many different types of shower valve available on the market but without a doubt the most popular is the thermostatic bar valve. This video and article gives a good overview on fitting one of these common types of shower valves to your wall. Troubleshooting You’ve followed the steps but there is always…
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Tips On Creating A Green Bathroom

Whether you are thinking about a bathroom renovation or not, you should consider a bathroom ‘greenovation’. The bathroom is often the room in which water use is highest, paper is wasted and harsh cleaning products are used on a regular basis- but this doesn’t have to be the case. Turning your bathroom into a ‘green’…
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