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Wall Hung Toilets

Browse our range of wall hung toilets for a modern addition to your bathroom. A contemporary style is popular in bathrooms, as many bathroom fixtures of this style are easy to maintain and look sleek once installed. If you’re hoping to achieve a contemporary look in your own bathroom then modern fixtures such as wall hung toilets are essential. These toilets manage to hide away the background workings of the toilet mechanism such as the cistern. This means you have a clean, uniform look in your home, with no distracting frames on show. Here you can see our collection of stylish wall hung toilets from Soakology, Britton and Burlington.

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The range of wall hung toilets on this page includes both modern and traditional wall mounted water closets. It also includes short projection wall hung WC’s for small spaces. These are perfect for toilets hidden away under stairs or in another convenient nook of the home. However, we also cater for bathrooms that have more space to work with, and our wall hung toilets come in a selection of shapes and sizes. We have square, rectangular and round toilets, meaning your new toilet will perfectly match the other fixtures in your bathroom.

Wall hung toilets are categorised by the toilet pan being mounted on a toilet frame hidden behind a wall or unit. This type of toilet perfectly hides away the toilet mechanisms, meaning your bathroom has a professional appearance, with your walls uninterrupted by a toilet back. This makes them ideal for businesses as well as at home. These toilets are available in a selection of quality materials to suit your needs and budget. If you would like more information on our wall hung toilets, or would like to talk about the installation process involved with one of these bathroom fixtures then please get in touch. You can do this by talking to us and calling 03300 882 803.


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