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Despite being seemingly ubiquitous on the continent the humble bidet has failed to make a splash here in the UK until very recently and still we are asked the question “what is a bidet?”. Now it is becoming far less novel to see a bathroom bidet fitted in any style of British bathroom thanks to the number and variety of options now available.

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What is a Bidet?

Those of us that have lived our lives in the UK the bidet may well be a bit of a mysterious oddity. Even for people that travel frequently and have seen them the bidet may well remain an unfamiliar or even confusing object so what is a bidet used for? In short, a bidet replaces the need for toilet paper by giving you the ideal device to wash with rather than using paper. For many people this move away from less environmentally friendly paper makes the bidet a very attractive option.

Buying Your Bidet

You’ve done your research, decided that a bathroom bidet is the more eco-friendly, hygienic option and you have checked with your plumber to make sure you can have a bidet fitted so what’s next? Once you have all of your ducks in a row the last thing to decide is which bidet to go for. If you are renovating the whole bathroom then the simplest decision is to buy a bidet that is part of the same range as the rest of the suite. If you are adding a new bidet to an existing bathroom look for one that matches closely in appearance.


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