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Waterfall Taps

Bathroom taps are always evolving, changing and being updated and that has led to some impressive innovation especially the creation of the waterfall tap. If you are planning a new, modern style bathroom or want to update the look of your current bathroom the addition of a waterfall tap is the perfect choice. These bath and basin taps come in a variety of configurations, all of which will lend an air of modernity to your life.

How do Waterfall Taps Work?

Ordinary bathroom tap sets often feature separate outlets for hot and cold and mixer taps have been around for a long time. Where a waterfall tap or bath filler differs is that the single outlet is open giving the water an attractive cascade effect as it fills the bath or basin. One of the key features of this style of tap is that they are no more difficult to fit than a normal mixer tap but the result is far more eye-catching. Furthermore, the waterfall tap comes in a variety of configurations and spout widths to suit the tastes of the individual.

If you have never used a waterfall basin or bath tap or you have questions about how they can be installed give our team a call on 03300 882 803 or email [email protected] for more information.


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