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Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are a little more of a traditional concept than a more modern mixer tap but that doesn’t mean they have to look traditional. There are plenty of modern, contemporary style pillar taps that can change the look of a basin or bath without breaking the bank…

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What is a Pillar Tap?

Simply put pillar taps are two separate taps that sit on the side of a basin or bath with one tap drawing hot water and the other providing cold. This system has its advantages with the most obvious being the ability to control temperature of the water in your basin or bath. If the water is too warm, pop in a little more cold. If you spend long enough in the bath and the water cools too much you can turn on the hot tap and top it up to the desired temperature.

Which Pillar Taps Should I Choose?

There are plenty of styles of pillar tap to choose from so the choice really is yours. Are you creating a traditional look or going for something ultra-modern? There are options available for either end of the spectrum and everywhere in between so the place to start might be the way the tap is operated. Would you rather a tap the turns or a lever? Once you know what style you want and how you would like the tap actuated it’s time to place your order. If you’re still unsure or would like to know more about the options available give our team a call on 03300 882 803.


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