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Bidet Taps

A collection of stylish bidet mixer taps from Arcade, Burlington, Imperial and Vado. The range includes, deck mounted bidet taps, modern bidet mixer taps, cheap bidet mixer taps, 3 hole bide mixers, classic and traditional bidet taps to suit all shapes and sizes of bidet across London and the UK...

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There are two parts to this question - the benefit of Bidets and then the benefit of the Mixer Faucet that one fits onto the Bidet. There are long standing benefits of using water for cleaning rather than paper. Paper can be abrasive in sensitive areas of the human body where water is not and paper can contain perfumes that may irritate further. Using water is more eco-friendly also (as long as we don't use too much of it). In addition water is more hygienic and reduces the spread and germination of bacteria where paper can actually do the opposite! So you've chosen to go with a Bidet why use a mixer? This type of tap is really the only logical choice. No more separate cold and hot feeds but a lovely mix of water from the spout or hose to suit your temperature preference. Also the ceramic disc technology used in the construction of our quality taps delivers precise control and long lasting internal parts. Why not let Soakology guide you through the myriad of choice whether you're looking for a modern, classic or traditional design.


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