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Bath Taps

A collection of stylish bath taps, bath fillers and bath shower mixers from Soakology, Burlington, Imperial and Vado. The range includes, deck mounted bath taps, freestanding bath taps, pairs of taps, modern mixer bath taps, cheap bath taps, 3 hole bath fillers, 4 hole bath shower mixers, classic and traditional bath taps to suit all shapes and sizes of baths for London and the UK...

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Choosing a bath tap

Like every category on our website there are many 'taps for your tub' to choose from. Selecting the right piece of equipment to facilitate your evening soak depends on many individual factors however the two most important are probably style and function. And, although the style of your bath faucet will be a very personal choice suited to your home, your design sense and the period of room you are creating, the function required will depend on several elements which may be beyond your control. The most important two of these will most likely be your water pressure and the features you require.

Pressure and features

If your house suffers from a low water pressure hot water system like the gravity fed systems common to the UK you will need to check the recommended minimum water pressure required for the brassware that you are considering. Many bath taps of a modern construction (both traditional and contemporary designs) use ceramic disc technology and, whilst this is more precise and longer lasting than the traditional tap washer, it lets less water through a smaller opening and therefore requires proportionately higher pressure and flow of water to operate. In addition the required features of the bath hardware will vary from installation to installation. There are the obvious requirements like freestanding, wall or deck mounted pieces and then the not so obvious like 3, 4 & 5 tap hole taps, thermostatic or waterfall mixers. Why not use Soakology’s filter system to narrow down the myriad of choice and help you to choose the right bathroom taps for your perfect soak!


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