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Walk in Showers and Wetrooms

Walk in showers and wetrooms have increased in popularity in recent years. People leading busier lives are looking for ways to save time and effort and one clear way to do that is to forego the bathtub in favour of a shower. Rather than simply hanging a showerhead over an existing bath it is possibly to create a sense of luxury while still maintaining all of the practical elements of a shower.

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Walk in Shower vs Wetroom - What is the Difference?

The differences between a walk in shower and a wetroom are slight but significant and make the decision to install one or the other quite simple. A wetroom, as the name suggests, is a space dedicated to showering that often has no glass partition (though a single pane can be used). Waste water simply flows across the floor to a drain and the floor is adapted to cope with the constant wetness. A walk in shower typically uses glass doors or screens to enclose the showering area and a low level shower tray with drainage is installed on the floor. Both options have many positive points so the decision comes down to practicality and budget. Installing a walk in shower or wetroom is not just a great time saver. Ease of access makes the wetroom perfect for people with limited mobility or for those that wish to remain in their own home longer and are planning for the long term future.

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