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Thermostatic Mixer Valves

Thermostatic mixer valves ensure a safe temperature is always maintained when showering. If the cold water supply drops the valve will automatically drop the hot supply to compensate. At Soakology we offer a collection of stylish thermostatic mixer valves from Vado, Burlington and of course our own Soakology brand. The range includes exposed thermostatic shower valves and concealed thermostatic shower valves…

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Thermostatic technology has been around for a long time but has improved over the years to become mandatory in shower valves and bath mixer valves in all new buildings. The thermostatic cartridge inside the shower valve balances the hot and cold water supplies to achieve a constant temperature which can be set by the user. The cartridge is calibrated on installation and can be replaced over time if necessary. Ultimately a thermostatic mixer valve is the safest method to prevent you from scalding yourself or others in the shower.


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