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Shower Rail Kits

Shower rail kits give you what you need to start turning an empty cubicle into a haven of warmth and relaxation. Shower rail sliders and riser kits offer the versatility to put you in control. Take a look at the packages below to find the one you need…

What’s in a Shower Rail Kit?

The exact contents of a shower rail kit can vary but generally speaking you should expect to find a shower rail, hose, outlet, showerhead and fittings. These shower rail sets really do provide everything you need to fit the ideal shower that has height adjustability to suit everyone in the household. There are few things in life more frustrating than a shower that is incorrectly positioned leaving you either too far under it or, worse still, being too tall and having to bend or crouch to wash.

Fitting a Shower Riser, Slider or Rail Kit

Once you have found the shower rail kit you need in a style you like it’s time to think about how you’ll fit it. Each of our shower rail kits comes complete with all of the fixtures and fittings you would need for a standard installation but if you are not DIY savvy or have to consider removing tiles or locating hidden pipework we would recommend hiring a professional. Going ahead and fitting a new shower yourself can prove costly when mistakes are made but a professional can normally complete a job like this in a couple of hours leaving you free to enjoy the results.


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