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Digital Showers

If you have yet to experience the joys of a digital shower or you are looking to upgrade your existing model you are in the right place. Gone are the days when a minute adjustment one way or the other could leave you pierced by a needle-like half frozen cascade or boiled alive under a torrent of volcanic run-off. A digital shower gives you ultimate control over your comfort and can even be adjusted using a remote control.

What is a Digital Shower?

A digital shower uses an on-board digital thermostat to regulate water temperature and deliver a constant flow at the precise temperature you specify. Unlike a traditional tap-like shower valve the hot and cold water is mixed together and checked before leaving the shower head. This means that you get a consistent heat and no surprising spikes or dips in temperature if someone uses the hot or cold water elsewhere in the house.

Are There Other Features of a Digital Shower?

Additional features and accessories are where the digital shower really shines. You can take advantage of LCD displays, touchscreen controls, remote operation, wireless connectivity and a whole host of features that would never be possible with a traditional shower. Furthermore, digital showers work with any type of heating system. This makes the digital shower a versatile, user friendly option that puts you in control.

The Future of Shower Technology

A digital shower with a remote control, wireless or bluetooth connectivity can be controlled from another room or, in some cases, anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to turn your shower on from halfway around the world but having an advanced level of connectivity means you can use an app to access the shower and and adjust global settings to set maximum or minimum temperatures or set a cap on the amount of time the shower can be used for.


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