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Contemporary Showers

If you’re creating a new bathroom with a modern look and feel a contemporary shower (more often known as a modern shower) is the only choice. Loaded with technology and using innovative installation methods, these showers are the last word in cool. Give yourself full and intuitive control over the temperature with a thermostatic valve and maximise your enjoyment of your shower.

Modern Shower Technology

Modern showers don’t just look great, they also perform perfectly. Design aesthetic and form is no substitute for function when it comes to a product that you and others in your household whether they are family, friends or visitors will use every day. A modern shower can include a number of highly variant features and, unlike a traditional shower, can vary wildly in their design. The simplest versions have most of the working parts concealed so only the controls and shower head are visible. Other contemporary showers have all of the controls, handset and showerhead combined into a single,sleek unit.

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