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Bath Wastes

It’s no secret that a bath waste is not the most glamorous item in your bathroom but that doesn’t mean it can be simply overlooked. There are things to consider when you buy a new bath and one of the most important is how to deal with waste water. From a purely practical perspective it is important to choose a bath waste system that will function perfectly for years and need no maintenance.

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How Does a Bath Waste Work

Without first knowing anything about what happens to your bath water when you pull the plug out it would be easy to assume it’s a single plastic tube that leads to a drain. In essence it is a simple system but, depending on the type of bathtub you have chosen, you need to choose the correct bath waste for both fit and function. A traditional waste is very familiar with an overflow inlet and a plug on a chain. Beyond that there are options to have a pop up waste, one that has a slotted plug hole, a waste that operates via a button and many more.

If you’re finding the world of bath wastes confusing don’t be alarmed, you are not alone. Fortunately, our friendly team are on hand with a depth of product knowledge that means we’ll be able to answer almost any question you may have. Call us today on 03300 882 803 and let us be your guide.


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